Scrap Metal Collection

Greater London Metal Merchant offers metal collection services throughout the UK. Our scrap metal collector for free is fast and efficient when it comes to collection and delivery service. We move scrap to locations where it can be sold or processed for the very best price. We have our own fleet of vehicles, a range of materials handling equipment, and a team of experts that will keep your scrap metal moving.

When the metal products we use in our everyday lives are no longer useful, they are either discarded or recycled for use in other products or projects. Because metal is a resource that can be recycled over and over without any loss in quality. We cover London, South West and South East, so let us know if you have scrap metal in your area and we will help you to get the best price.

How scrapping metal can help?

Recycled materials are just as useful to manufacturers and builders as freshly mined and forged metals. Thanks to this element’s unique trait, collecting scrap metal for profit is a common and sometimes profitable endeavour. Wherever your business and however you operate, Greater London Metal Merchant has the resources to maximise the efficiency with which you buy, sell, or manage your scrap metal. As a reputed scrap metal collector, our company is one of the most well-established sources that offer scrap metal collection services in the entire London area.

Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals

Before you start collecting scrap metal for profit, it’s important to know the difference between ferrous and nonferrous metals. The distinction between the two is the presence of iron. Ferrous metal is magnetic and contains iron, which makes it stronger than its counterpart, while nonferrous metal is more pliable and resistant to corrosion. Greater London Metal Merchant offers scrap metal collection in London, South West and South East.

Typical ferrous scrap items submitted for recycling include things such as old machinery, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, and automobile engines. Nonferrous metal recyclables, meanwhile, typically come from copper wire and piping, brass fixtures, aluminium siding, chairs, and old computers.

Fee Scrap Metal Collection

Free scrap metal collection service UK, we come to you and clear all your unwanted appliances or metal items for free. Domestic or commercial customers all welcome, all metals will be cleared for free. Getting rid of your old scrap metal shouldn’t have to be a chore, it shouldn’t have to cost you either. Which is why our scrap metal collector provides 100% free, eco-friendly and reliable licenced scrap metal collection service to residents and commercial spaces in many locations in the UK.

At Greater London Metal Merchant, all of our trades men are 100% certified and insured whilst sharing our passion for delivering a 5-star service. Our company has built its reputation by guaranteeing customer satisfaction when it comes to scrap metal collection in London.

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